End All Forms of Violence Against Women: CTDC Video for 16 Days of Activism

There are different forms of violence practised against women everyday casually, at home, on the streets and in all ways of life. It is important to stand up against all forms of violence against women and raise awareness.
هنالك أنواع مختلفة من العنف الممارس ضد النساء يومياً وبشكل “اعتيادي” في المنزل وفي الشوارع وفي كل مناحي الحياة،. من المهم مجابهة كل أنواع العنف ضد النساء وزيادة الوعي.
#16daysofactivism #endviolenceagainstwomen

Improving Service Provision for Non-Normative Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the UK: A Policy Brief

This policy brief focuses on services currently available for non-normative refugees and asylum seekers across the United Kingdom. It illustrates the gaps in service provision, and provides recommendations on how to fill these gaps. The brief shows how legal support is broadly available to non-normative refugees, but there is a lack of collaborative, widespread psychosocial support upon entry to the UK. Drawing on CTDC’s work and research in the Middle East and North Africa region, this brief also highlights the challenges facing non-normative refugees from Arabic speaking countries in particular, as well as recommendations to meet the needs of this group in the UK. You can access the full policy brief here.