Training Workshop for Syrian Women in Reyhanlı

Funded by the UN Democracy Fund, CTDC has provided a training course on women’s rights issues to Zeytuna Project implemented by MANDAT International targeting Syrian refugee women in Reyhanlı. The training course covered topics including the international discourse on women’s rights, local discourses on women’s rights, the construction of gender and sexuality, sexual violence and the importance of women mobilisation. The workshop included around 40 women, over a period of two days. Following the workshop, women attendees in Reyhanlı formed a women’s committee to provide support to each other and to raise awareness about gender and women’s issues. The workshop was run in a participatory manner, which allowed women safe space to talk and to share their experiences. CTDC is planning to issue a report based on some of the information and experiences shared by women attendees, to shed light on the suffering of Syrian women refugees in the south of Turkey.

Training Workshop for Syrian Women in Reyhanlı

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