Centre for Transnational Development & Collaboration

CTDC is an intersectional multi- and interdisciplinary feminist consultancy, with a transnational social justice agenda. We strive for social justice through our innovative-ly transformative programmes and problem-solving solutions. We aim to build communities and movements, through an approach that is both academic and grassroots centred.

Our Services

We strive for durable sustainable justice for all, for a world that celebrates diversity and difference, and for cooperation, collaboration and coordination of efforts aspiring for social change. We partner with and we provide solutions for academic institutions, governments, civil society, national, international and inter-governmental organisations, the private sector, grassroots movements, transnational networks, coalitions and activist groups. Our services are designed to ‘do no harm’, and to, instead, transform individuals, organisations, communities and cultures.

Our Story

CTDC was born out of the need to bridge the gap, reduce tensions and break binaries between academia and ‘the field’, theory and practice, north and south, and east and west. We believe that our interconnectivity and interdependence make it inevitable for us to create transnational networks of collaboration, if we were to seek intersectional social justice. Under the direction of our co-founders, CTDC has developed as a concept over time. We started with implementing funded projects. In 2017, we have decided that our strengths and hearts lie in collaborations rather than competition over resources. Since then, CTDC has provided an umbrella for grassroots groups to apply for their own funding and has sustained itself through collaborations on projects and consultancies. In our work, we rely on theories from multiple disciplines, including sociology, political sciences, sociolinguistics, psychology, social psychology, history, intellectual history, human geography, and indigenous and native studies and knowledges, to mention a few. Over the past years, we have provided trainings, lectures. . . . Continue Reading


CTDC brings together grassroot organisers, academics, practitioners and policy makers. Motivated by a feminist politics of care we undertake these initiatives transnationally, because we believe development is a transnational process that not limited to certain geographical areas.



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