CTDC organises annual conferences to exchange and further intersectional feminist knowledge in research and advocacy between practitioners and academics in and from the Global South. Our conferences aim to envisage new ways to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Our first conference was held in 2016 titled: Gendering the ‘Refugee Crisis’ held at the Open University in London. The shared discussions at the conference led to our first report on Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Gender Analysis highlighting gender and sexual rights in humanitarian responses, or lack of, in relation to refugees in Turkey.

Our 2017 conference was held at SOAS University in London, titled: Politicised Sexualities, Marginalised Histories. Based on the knowledge exchanged in our second conference we published a report on Conceptualising Sexualities in the MENA Region: Undoing LGBTQI Categories underlining the implications of universalist LGBTQI categories for non-normative peoples.

Our third conference was held on November the 30th 2018 at Birkbeck University of London, titled: Decolonising Knowledge around Gender and Sexuality in collaboration with Birkbeck and Kohl Journal for Body and Gender Research.

The conference resulted in the publication of a joint special issue on Decolonizing Knowledges around Gender and Sexuality in Kohl Journal.