Gender Dynamics within Syrian Civil Society: A Research Based on Gender-Sensitive Assessment of Syrian Civil Society Organisations

In collaboration with IMPACT: Civil Society Research and Development and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), CTDC has participated in research exploring internal and external factors influencing women’s positionalities within Syrian Civil Society. The research methodology was designed utilising an intersectional feminist lens, which took into consideration the different variables that could […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Trainings in Gender, Sexuality and the Body | A Toolkit for Trainers in Arabic-Speaking Countries

This toolkit provides specific guidance for those interested in gender and sexuality trainings in Arabic-speaking countries. This document is a compilation of tips and advices to educators and trainers around gender and sexuality issues in the Arabic-speaking region. The toolkit is divided into two main sections, the first section provides guidance in relation to the […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Defending the Rights of LGBTQ People in the MENA Region: Recommendations for Policy and Practice

Based on years of research, and on project implementation, this policy brief aims to provide policy makers and practitioners with a compass for their work concerning LGBTQ people in the MENA region. This policy brief is twofold, as it first aims to provide the reader with a brief on the lines of work needed to improve the situation […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

The Role of Civil Society in Advancing Gender and Sexual Rights in Tunisia

This policy brief focuses on the situation of LGBTQ rights within the Tunisia legal framework. It also highlights the challenges facing LGBTQ activists and their supporters. It sets out several recommendations for Tunisian civil society groups and organisations that aim to improve their communication and advocacy around the rights of LGBTQ people, through awareness raising activities focused on the […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Improving Service Provision for Non-Normative Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the UK: A Policy Brief

This policy brief focuses on services currently available for non-normative refugees and asylum seekers across the United Kingdom. It illustrates the gaps in service provision, and provides recommendations on how to fill these gaps. The brief shows how legal support is broadly available to non-normative refugees, but there is a lack of collaborative, widespread psychosocial […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Crackdown on Non-Normative People in Egypt: A Policy Brief

On 22 September 2017, the rainbow flag was raised during a Mashrou’ Leila concert in Cairo, Egypt. Following this, the Egyptian state has conducted an aggressive crackdown on individuals suspected to be members of the LGBT community. This crackdown has seen widespread human rights violations, at the hands of Egyptian authorities, including detentions without trial, […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Tackling Honour Killings through Sexual and Gender Rights Advocacy: Recommendations for Policy and Practice

Honour killing is a term used to denote a form of gender-based violence in which women, often young and unmarried, are brutally murdered by family members for being allegedly involved in illicit sexual practices, therefore dishonouring herself and her family. There is no accurate or current data on honour killings statistics in the Middle East […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Conceptualising Sexualities in the MENA: Policy Brief

This policy brief builds on the arguments and conclusions set out in CTDC’s publication titled Conceptualising Sexualities in the MENA Region: Undoing LGBTQI Categories. In this document, we compliment this extensive, research-led paper by setting out a number of concrete recommendations for practitioners, policy makers and activists from the region working to improve the situation […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Conceptualising Sexualities in the MENA Region: Undoing LGBTQI Categories

More recently the rights of LGBTQI people have taken centre stage in development efforts and in the agendas of policy makers. This report highlights some major problems in the frameworks underpinning these efforts, despite their well-meant intentions. In this report, we shed light on the implications of adopting universalist LGBTQI identity categories within international humanitarian and development programming. Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Inclusive HIV/AIDS Programming in the MENA Region: Policy Brief

Breaking Taboo through Grassroots Advocacy: Inclusive HIV/AIDS Programming in the MENA Region The MENA region receives only a fraction of the total global funds directed toward HIV/AIDS projects. This is despite evidence that HIV/AIDS prevalence is rising in the region at much faster rates than anywhere else in the world, particularly among MSM, LGBT and […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Gender and the Refugee Crisis: Policy Brief

  This policy brief builds on the UN’s 3RP (Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan 2015-16 in Response to the Syria Crisis) by offering a complimentary analysis of the needs of both Syrian refugee women and LGBTQI individuals living in Turkey. Through research conducted by CTDC, it becomes plainly apparent that a number of needs are […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة

Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Gender Analysis

This report looks at living conditions of Syrian refugees in Turkey in general, focusing on women and sexual minorities. This research was carried out between March and October 2015, and was based on an extensive literature review, social media analysis, and collected primary data in Turkey, including in-depth interviews, ethnographic data and meetings, to assess […] Continue Reading متابعة القراءة