Feminist Studies Mentorship Programme

Feminist Studies Mentorship Programme


In its sixth year of operations, CTDC has decided to formalise its mentorship programme, through opening this call for applications for Feminist Studies Mentorship. The programme, set to begin in October 2019, is designed to further CTDC’s goal to produce intersectional multidisciplinary feminist knowledge, through an approach that is both academic and grassroots-centred. We pride ourselves in our ethical feminist values and practice and central to our practice is a feminist politics of care. We see this as an opportunity to share and grow with allies, and we believe that learning is a process of exchanging knowledges.

To this end, CTDC is offering six candidates free one-year supervision, with the possibility of extension, and that will include, as appropriate:

– Monthly one-to-one supervisory meetings,

– Academic writing support and guidance,

– Opportunities for co-authorship and publications,

– Opportunities for research dissemination.

Mentorship will be provided directly by CTDC’s co-founders and co-directors, Dr Nour Abu-Assab and Dr Nof Nasser-Eddin, each based on their research interests. The themes we are mostly interested in for this year include:

– Class, Capitalism and Neoliberalism,

– Decoloniality and Decolonising Methods,

– Feminist Knowledge Production,

– Feminist Methodologies,

– Feminist Political Theory and Governance,

– Gender Performances, Masculinities and Femininities,

– Identity Politics,

– Informal Education and Pedagogy,

– Intersectionality in Theory and Practice,

– Language and Translation,

– Minorities and Marginalised Communities,

– Movement Building and Mobilising,

– Queer Theory and Methodologies,

– Race, Ethnicities and Nationalisms,

– Refugeehood, Migration and Displacement,

– Sexualities,

– Social Justice: Reproductive, Sexual and Gender Justice,

– Sociology of Religion,

– Transnationalism.

For this programme, CTDC welcomes applications from individuals with research interests that align with ours and are not necessarily affiliated with academic institutions. The programme is targeting early career and junior researchers and those interested in pursuing research, whether in formal or informal institutions, in civil society organisations or independent scholars operating outside the confinements of institutions. Women and non-normative people from the Global South, and particularly from Arabic-speaking countries, are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be assessed based on merit and relevance to the centre’s knowledge production strategy. Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae and a statement of interest, in Arabic or English, to info@ctdc.orgby July 31, 2019. The statement of interest must be a minimum of one page and a maximum of two pages. The following questions are meant to guide you in the writing of the statement of interest:

– In what way do you expect this programme to benefit your work, studies and/or career?

– What is your main research idea and how does it fit within CTDC’s research interests?

– How do your research interests fit under the umbrella of feminist studies?

– What type of support do you expect to receive from CTDC’s co-directors?

– In what way is your area of interest relevant to your community?

– What social, political or economic problems do you seek to address through research?

– What are the ethical considerations relevant to your area of interest?

– What resources do you have available for research? (Fieldwork funding, funded studentship, research assistance, libraries, university resources).

– What can we learn from you?

Institutions interested in engaging with this programme, either through co-mentorship or through offering their students and/or staff this opportunity, can get in touch through info@ctdc.orgfor more details, including costs and level of institutional engagement.