Reclaim the Night – Coventry

In March 2015, CTDC has contributed to organising and sponsoring Reclaim the Night Event in Coventry. Reclaim the Night is a women-led event fighting for the right of all women to be out on the street and in public spaces without fear or threat of violence. The event took place on Saturday 7 March 2015, the women-only march took place around the centre of Coventry, starting from Broadgate, and ending with a women-only rally and celebration at Transport House on Short Street.

The event aimed to provide a women’s only safe space, where readings and poetry took place by women and for women. The tradition of reclaim the night started in the UK on November 12, 1977, and they were a protest by women against sexual harassment. Ever since, reclaim the night has been organised by women all across the UK, and in many other countries.