Trainings in Gender, Sexuality and the Body| A Toolkit for Trainers in Arabic-Speaking Countries

This toolkit provides specific guidance for those interested in gender and sexuality trainings in Arabic-speaking countries. This document is a compilation of tips and advices to educators and trainers around gender and sexuality issues in the Arabic-speaking region.


The toolkit is divided into two main sections, the first section provides guidance in relation to the content necessary for gender and sexuality trainings and the second section provides practical tips for methods of teaching. The toolkit draws on examples, exercises and previous experience providing gender and sexuality trainings that move beyond women’s rights and sexual orientation and gender identity trainings (SOGI). These methods that we use in gender and sexuality workshops have been tested in different contexts and countries and have been delivered to a variety of audiences from different backgrounds. This toolkit by no means represents a comprehensive gender and sexuality curriculum, but rather tips and tools that facilitate changing people’s perceptions around gender and sexuality.

The toolkit is available in Arabic and in English, and it may only be used as a guide.

No part of this document shall be published, reproduced or used in any forms without explicit written permission of CTDC.  For further information and detailed curricula, do not hesitate to contact us at