UCL Global Citizenship Programme

Last month, CTDC had the pleasure of working with a number of UCL Global Citizenship Programme Interns. During their time at our offices, they put together a brilliant video outlining the situation facing marginalised sexual communities in the Greater Maghreb. The video also highlights the legal challenges confronting marginalised asylum seekers.

They also supported CTDC’s Regional Advocacy Action Plan (RAP) by putting together a research led funding application that, if successful, ought to significantly support our operational capacity.

Research completed by the UCL Interns unravelled a number of major legal barriers and challenges to sexual rights in the MENA region. In applying this research, they were able to develop a workable advocacy plan that focused on marginalised sexual group rights in the region. Their research considered the important need for grassroots change, adopting key CTDC methodologies.

Antonia Lee commented that her time with CTDC had been an “invaluable opportunity. The fact that CTDC as an organisation exists is amazing, and your approach to advocacy really has allowed me to see beyond the disillusionment surrounding academia and NGOs. There is hope.”