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Recreating Outsiders: A Response to LGBT-Identity Politics

Recreating Outsiders A Response to LGBT-Identity Politics   In the last weeks CTDC has noticed two major news topics, which have gathered considerable attention centred around Islam and LGBT ‘subjects’: the first, resistance by Muslim parents to ‘No outsiders’ LGBT state education in the UK school system; and the second, recent anti-LGBT state legislation in […]

Feminist Studies Mentorship Programme

Feminist Studies Mentorship Programme   In its sixth year of operations, CTDC has decided to formalise its mentorship programme, through opening this call for applications for Feminist Studies Mentorship. The programme, set to begin in October 2019, is designed to further CTDC’s goal to produce intersectional multidisciplinary feminist knowledge, through an approach that is both […]

Call for Papers: Decolonising Knowledge around Gender and Sexuality

In collaboration with University College London and Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research, CTDC is delighted to publish its call for papers for its third annual conference, under the title Decolonising Knowledge around Gender and Sexuality. The conference will aim to address issues and challenges related to producing knowledge around gender and sexuality […]

End All Forms of Violence Against Women: CTDC Video for 16 Days of Activism

There are different forms of violence practised against women everyday casually, at home, on the streets and in all ways of life. It is important to stand up against all forms of violence against women and raise awareness. هنالك أنواع مختلفة من العنف الممارس ضد النساء يومياً وبشكل “اعتيادي” في المنزل وفي الشوارع وفي كل […]