Diversity, inclusion and safeguarding policies and practices are essential for the well-being of our communities and the effectiveness of our work. A diverse and inclusive working environment, where people feel safeguarded and protected from discriminatory practices and violence, is crucial for all organisations, institutions, groups and movements. We perceive diversity, inclusion and safeguarding as processes, aiming to eliminate marginalisation, powerlessness, violence, exploitation and silencing based on age, educational attainments, class, gender, sexuality, care duties, different physical and mental abilities, colour, race, ethnicity, migration and citizenship status, faith and belief. Our approach to DIS centralises the advancement of social and organisational cohesion, to create the environment and conditions for communities to thrive, as we move beyond nominal numerical representation.

What we provide:

DIS Audits and Assessments: We offer auditing and assessment services for DIS for different entities and institutions. Our audits and assessments adopt an intersectional approach, that includes all characteristics that lead to discrimination. We also offer single category audits and assessments, such as gender audits, race audits, ability audits, among others. CTDC has developed a number of frameworks for different fields and entities, through which we examine organisational policies, programmes, projects and services, structures, decision-making processes and budgets.

DIS Capacity Building: We provide in person and remote trainings and mentorship on DIS. Our approach to capacity building centralises consciousness raising and increasing awareness of positionalities in order to create a sense of community, solidarity and care within organisations and institutions. Our bespoke DIS capacity building services have proven to be effective, as we work on multiple levels- raising awareness and consciousness in relation to privileges and positionalities and enhancing technical capacities for people to be able to ensure DIS systems are in place.

DIS Policy Development: We provide different services for the development of organisational policies addressing diversity, inclusion and safeguarding. Our services include policy assessments, policy development, and the development of safeguarding mechanisms for organisations, institutions, companies, groups and movements, to better responses to discrimination and violence. Our policy development services are bespoke and specific to the context where organisations operate. We take into consideration the transnational and cross-national nature of organisations, which operate from multiple locations, either due to crises in their countries or due to the international nature of development work.

Complaints Response Mechanisms (CRMs): Our CRM services include the development and implementation of response mechanisms to harassment, bullying, violence, exploitation, and discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, age, among others. Our guiding principles to CRMs are victim and community centred, restorative, transformative, and alternative in cases where legal challenges exist. We have experience developing, reviewing, assessing, amending and implementing CRMs, starting from complaints methods, to carrying out investigations and overseeing accountability processes.