Gender mainstreaming within organisations, institutions, groups and movements is not only important to address gender injustice but is also important for our understanding of the root causes of injustice and inequalities as it helps in assessing the current situation and highlighting what needs to be addressed. Our gender mainstreaming services address legislation, policies, programmes, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting, procurement, recruitment, language, responsiveness, accessibility and safeguarding mechanisms. Our approach to gender mainstreaming is invested in qualitative rather than quantitative representation. In addition to gender mainstreaming, CTDC has developed feminist governance frameworks to support organisations in adopting more comprehensive and holistic approaches to address injustices existing within organisations. Our feminist governance services provide clients to address different forms of injustices within organisations and institutions, not only focusing on gender-based discrimination, but encompassing of injustices and discriminations based on age, educational attainments, class, gender, sexuality, care duties, different physical and mental abilities, colour, race, ethnicity, migration and citizenship status, faith and belief.

Feminist Governance

The concept is concerned with the best ways to use power, authority and positive hierarchy for organisational development. It is a set of feminist values and ethics guiding methods and methodologies in relation to research, education and civil society activism. Feminist governance is, also, concerned with the sharing of power and authority through an approach that is intersectional and takes into consideration the unequal distribution of resources.

Capacity Building: Our gender mainstreaming and feminist governance capacity building services include online and offline trainings, webinars, workshops, mentorship, coaching, individual and organisational consultations. We tailor our capacity building programmes through targeted individual and organisational assessments, and we provide general trainings on the topic to non-specialised organisations, individuals, institutions and communities.

Standalone Assessments: Assessments are integral part of all capacity building initiatives, at CTDC we provide gender-sensitivity and feminist governance assessments as a standalone service, with the goal of building organisational capacities. Our assessments identify risk and strength areas within organisations in relation to governance structures and gender-sensitive operations. Our assessments usually include policies, programmes, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting, procurement, recruitment, language-sensitivity, responsiveness, accessibility and safeguarding mechanisms.