Over the last seven years CTDC has offered multiple internship programmes, building interns capacities across the fields of advocacy, policy, research and communication. The CTDC team works closely with interns to encourage and develop their capacity, skills and ideas for their movement and work.

CTDC has hosted students from UCL’s Global Citizenship Programmes as interns, who worked on projects and produced videos related to the themes they had been working on.

In 2016, student interns worked on displacement and sexuality, producing a video looking at failures in legal protection offered to asylum seekers from the Maghreb Region.

In 2017, students produced a video addressing gender stereotypes and scrutinising traditional gender roles.

In 2018, students worked on a video criticising identity politics, labels and boxes.

In 2019, students chose to produce a video debunking myths surrounding feminism.

We announce our internship programmes through our social media; however, we welcome proposals for internships relevant to our work. For more details contact info@ctdc.org.