We believe that sharing knowledge is a political act, through CTDC we strive to make knowledge available through different mediums, including public webinars, workshops, lectures, publications and products including films and podcasts. Our independent open-source publications are written to ensure accessibility and have also been presented to, discussed among and cited by policy-audiences, including NGOs, UK policy makers and international organisations including UN Women and IOM.

In 2015, CTDC has co-produced a short film aiming to increase awareness of the challenge’s asylum seekers in the UK face.

In 2017, we have produced another short film titled Haki Fadi (empty talks) with the goal of raising awareness of the everyday lives of women in multiple countries in Arabic speaking countries.

We also run weekly public webinars on various feminist topics including feminist responses to COVID-19, mental well-being, labour, production and reproduction, internal power and agency, emotional responsibility, emotional labour, the body, ecosystem and the environment, differential physical and mental abilities, sexuality, reproductive justice, among others.